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Title: Audiences cruised a sapphire sea
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     Seeing Alex here brought back so many memories of when it all began for many of us. Alex first graced us with Celtic Woman as she stood in for Lisa Kelly while that artist was pregnant with her third child. Those were big shoes to fill knocking out Lisa's signature pieces. Yet knock them out Alex did. Lisa has since had a fourth and stepped aside to start her own business in the Atlanta area. A delightful Lisa Lambe has stepped in and been marvelous on stage and off. Many of us thought when Lisa came back they would drop Alex and that would not do. So, many wrote in and encouraged Celtic Woman to retain Alex. At first they thought about an interchange with Orla which would clearly not work. Then Orla left and went on to solo work and successfully and Alex came aboard full time.

     2009 was an amazing year with the IOH tour and won Alex many a new fan with this fine show. It happened to be my busiest year seeing shows. That included  the Powerscourt DVD and the treat of the full sound check second day which was recorded by at least one fan on video. Great photos came from that and the recording itself. Alex saw some of us at the sound check and waved and said hi (by name......melt) as she whizzed by on a golf cart. First night was damp and very chilly and I know we wanted to wrap the girls in something warm. Poor things teeth were chattering especially Lynn. But it went off wonderfully save for the fried generator second night during which some silly fans from America lit the stage with flashlights!  ::) "Can you do following? was stage manager Ronny's query.  :D It was an amazing time yet Alex was still doing covers that, while lovely, weren't signatures yet. In the fall many of us had the gift of attending more IOH shows and more meetings. The most amazing one for me was El Paso. VERY low stage and we were scant feet from them all. I had bought a front row seat center next to me for my uncle's first show. At one point in the show while Alex was singing my uncle leaned over to me and said, "Wow, those eyes............" He was a puddle and at the after show we had Alex and a certain fiddler and my uncle then knew why I attended so many shows. The next night would be my 50th in Albuquerque. Yet no true signature song for Alex that really grabbed fans.

      All that changed in Roanoke the three nights that opened the 2010 tour. It was then and there that began a journey on a sapphire sea of her marvelous eyes when she launched into a spectacular signature song, My Heart Was Home Again. After that song we all looked at each other (there were 16 of us) and, in some cases teary eyed, let out a collective but quiet WOW. At intermission that was almost all we talked about. It was the highlight of the show for many of us and stayed that way throughout spring 2010. My last meeting with Alex was in Jacksonville on April 17th where we dropped off fiddler crossing jackets for all the girls and birthday gifts for our fiddler. There was no meet & greet the next night so this was our only chance. Of course none of us knew it would be our last Alex encounter with Celtic Woman.

       When the news came she was not returning it made the rest of the year, including Australia, bittersweet. Amazingly they did not even attempt to replace her and went with four girls. They tried a duet for My Heart Was Home Again. It was lovely while they retained the song but simply not the signature Alex made it. It seemed hollow without that fourth voice. Even Danny Boy with M as the fourth "voice" was not the same as the gorgeous four part harmony. Most of us had no clue whether we would ever sail that sapphire sea again and I know it struck me far more than the loss of Meav, Hayley, Orlagh, or Lynn. Not until Lisa Kelly did I feel close to that same sense. Thankfully we had Orlagh doing shows here and could connect. But what of Alex? In 2011 Celtic Woman did a new DVD recording this time in Atlanta. We took the occasion to create a fan documentary and in that we conveyed some special stories. Those included two that placed Alex at the fore with Henny's and Dave's. During the interim after Alex left I created a few poems inspired by her and one special one for Henny prior to his passing called Angels on the Fenders. 

      Then things began to happen. Sweden for Henny and Mike, Cruising the Med for Mike and Dwight, and then Alex coming here for Christmas 2012. Some saw her with Curt Bestor in the DC area or in Salt Lake City. But Tony had picked up tickets for the show with Jenny Oaks Baker and the Timpanagos symphony at a junior high auditorium! Open seating and Mike flying all the way from Netherlands and Orlagh joined Steve and I. Mike and I did some relaxing train spotting and then went to the show. Front row center and the magic of a fine violinist and superb vocalist for our favorite holiday tunes. Mike and I were grinning form ear to ear and hanging on each note and each quick little glimpse from those orbs. The meeting after was free and it seemed not a person refused it! It had been 2 1/2 years for me but so worth the wait not only to hear her in person again, but to chat with her without the intrusion of a Rachel type in a rushed manner. One of the photos is now my profile pic here and I thank Alex so much for granting Mike, Steve, and I such time. She hinted then there were things in the works this year that I know all here are drooling about.  :P

      And so we come to this latest treat and the artist herself engaging her fans right here in the place built for her and her fans. Just as on stage she has a willing audience here in the cyber sapphire sea. What a journey it has been. Thank you, Alex, for touching far more deeply and far longer than you may know. According to Tony you still get more hits on his blog than any other CW artist past or present about why you left and what you're doing. If that is any indication of what may happen here you'll be a very busy admin!  ;)

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Alex who Scott???  :D.  That was fun little journey to read.

You are right, this will be fun for everyone to be able to enjoy some time with Alex. I am so happy to have been able to provide this link between her and all of you. I am hoping that the word spreads throughout the CW community that she is available to visit with fans here.

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Post by: Moscapoet on June 23, 2013, 11:23:06 AM
Word is spreading and I hope folks will come here and post similar retrospectives about their Alex experiences.

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I am so glad she is on the forum and you are able to speak with her.

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Perhaps this thread will do for me in the help Alex thing to assist her in her portfolio?