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Title: Find Your Way Home
Post by: Apollomoon on June 02, 2017, 02:39:03 PM
Well hello! After a long long long absence, I felt there was actually something to post.

Alex will perform at the Palace Theater in Albany, NY on 7/17 in the musical play "Find Your Way Home". It truly is an rare opportunity to see her do what she has done for her entire career; musical theater.

Like most of you, I have only seen her perform as part of a singing troupe or as a solo artist. This will be a wonderful show. It has received rave reviews in Ireland and this is one of only 3 engagements in the US.

If you can go, please do. I have my ticket already, and feel so lucky that it is only a short drive to the venue. Hope to see some of you there. This is why, even though Facebook has taken over this type of activity, I keep the lights on here.

...if anyone is still reading posts here. ;).


Here is a link to the trailer for the show  :)