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Author Topic: Alex Cruise - Part 8 – Cannes I get a break?  (Read 1503 times)
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Tack för en underbar kväll, Alex.

« on: September 03, 2012, 10:28:06 PM »

After the last 3 days I needed a vacation from my vacation and this was the day.  None of the shore excursions interested me so I slept in, almost 2 hours later than usual.  I continued to catch up on these travelogs while I waited for the early departures to get to shore.  Cannes is a “tender port” which means that you need to take a shuttle boat, called a tender, from the ship to the port.  The first couple of hours are for excursionists and those who made reservations.  After that it becomes open to everyone and since I was in no hurry I just chilled.  Around 11am they announced that the tenders were available so I decided to go ashore.  I wanted to be able to say I was actually IN Cannes and I wanted to do a little shopping.  I also planned to visit the train station to see some French trains.  Last year I saw and rode Danish and Swedish trains and this year I had seen and ridden Dutch and Italian ones.  I wouldn't be riding any French ones but at least I could see a few of them.

After the short 10 minute ride to the dock I started walking toward the train station.  On the way I passed one of the many public beaches, a harbor full of luxurious yachts and a US Army WWII demonstration with period equipment and uniforms.  A few blocks inland I found the shopping district and made mental notes as I window shopped my way to the station.  Like Copenhagen, much of the merchandise was stuff available anywhere but I did find a few potential gems to check out on the way back.

I had done my research and had no trouble finding Gare de Cannes.  Unfortunately most of it was under construction so there were limited areas open to the public.  Unlike all other European stations I've been to, only ticketed passengers were allowed on the platforms.  I don't know if that's normal in France or was due to the construction.  I found a parking garage adjacent to the station which became a quite effective balcony overlooking the tracks and ended up being a better location than the platform would have been anyway.  The first train that I saw, and the one I most wanted to see, was the French TGV.  The TGV is the super high-speed train that travels over 250mph.  Of course, it wasn't going that fast through the station.

After several other trains of various types I decided to head back; my legs weren't as recovered as they first seemed.  I stopped at one of the shops I had noted and purchased something that will make a very nice Christmas gift.  The temperature was very comfortable in the shade with a light breeze, but the sun was brutal and I tried to stay in the shade.  As I passed the beach on the way to the tender I saw several topless sunbathers, even though it was a public beach.  Gotta love the French.

It was only 2:30 when I got back on board so I grabbed something light from the buffet and went back to work getting caught up.  The Showtime at Sea event for tonight featured the Ulster Operatic Company performing a selection of Broadway show tunes.  There were songs performed as a group as well as solos by each member.  Peter sang a few songs with the Company, as well.

Alex was in the audience and we chatted briefly before going to dinner.  Most of the restaurants on board are free (included in the cruise fare) but a few of the fancier ones have a cover charge.  One of those is Cagney's Steakhouse and I had been unsuccessful in getting a reservation earlier in the week.  Tonight I got one and my hankering for a steak was growing rapidly.  Peter's show finished earlier than I expected so I stopped by to see if I could move my reservation up.  The place was practically empty so there was no problem.  I was hungry and had a great, long overdue 16oz. T-bone.  Yummy.

Saturday is another early day so after a little more work catching up it was time to hit the sack.  Marseilles tomorrow then home on Sunday.

For the tenders they use several of the ship's lifeboats.

Just a few of the many luxury yachts in port.

The shopping district.

Not the real one...

Downtown Cannes, note the Guinness sign.

I wonder what the favorite local pastime is?


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